TARRACO, life in a Roman city

In this tour we will guide you through the details of  life in a Roman city, from birth to grave, we will explain you  its traditions,  feast days, its daily life and religion.

Route: Colonial Forum, Nymphaeum and Necropolis.

Duration: 2h 30’

Life of a Roman from Tarraco from his birth to his death.

We will explain how people were living in a Roman city and what was their occupations. We will guide you through the city’s heart, the Colonial Forum, were justice was held and the gods were worshiped. We will also show you some of the more recent and less known archeological sites like the Nymphaeum (a fountain dedicated to the Nymphs) and end the tour in the Necropolis, the cemetery, to see and understand how those who were living in our streets 2.00 years ago left their life behind.