ROMAN TARRACO: full day tour

Discover every aspect of the Roman city of Tarraco with our extended, full day tour.

Our tour spans from the ancient wall to the amphitheatre and includes all the monuments, streets and corners of Tarragona’s old city.

Route: Portal del Roser, walls, model of Tarraco, Praetorium Tower, circus and amphitheatre

Duration: 2h 30’ (morning)+1h 30’ (afternoon).

We will meet in the morning in front of the large scale model of Roman Tarraco, and from there we we will visit the surviving Roman walls,  the old Forum square and  go up the Praetorium Tower to enjoy the magnificent view.

In the afternoon after lunch, our  tour continues to the circus where chariot races used to take place, and we’ll finish our journey at the arena of the amphitheatre where the gladiators fought.