The Cathedral of Tarragona

Come with us to discover Tarragonas iconic cathedral, its magnificent interior, chapels, organ, main altar, unique altarpiece and cloister. This is a visit to discover a magnificent temple whose architectural influences span from the Romanesque to Gothic,  Renaissance and Baroque. Duration: 2h The Cathedral of Tarragona, dedicated to the city’s patroness Santa Tecla, is the largest cathedral in Catalonia. In its architectural transition between … Read More

Jewish Tarragona

A journey to an unknown history of our past. We’ll follow the footsteps, almost erased from history, of a group of people which arrived to Tarragona in Roman times until their expulsion in 1492. Tour: Scale Model of  Tarraco, Degà’s House, the Jewish quarter and the King’s Tower. Duration: 2h. The Jewish footprint can still be seen in Tarragonas narrow streets: we can read the … Read More


Join us for a tour through the ancient alleys and squares to awake the memory  of the city’s Medieval past Route: Portal del Roser, model of Tarraco, Cavallers St, Main St, Old City Hall, Cambrer’s Palace, cathedral’s façade, Merceria St, Jewish Neighbourhood and King’s Tower. Duration: 2:30h Since count Ramon Berenguer III expelled the moors from the city, medieval Tarragona (then known as Terragona) was … Read More

TARRACO’S AGER – the historical countryside (private transport needed)

In order to  understand the roman city (urbs) of Tarraco you will need to take a close look at its countryside (ager) from which  the main elements which build the city came from. In this tour we will visit the main aqueduct, the roman quarry, a villa and its baths and fields. PLEASE NOTE: YOU WILL HAVE TO PROVIDE YOUR OWN PRIVATE … Read More

ROMAN TARRACO: full day tour

Discover every aspect of the Roman city of Tarraco with our extended, full day tour. Our tour spans from the ancient wall to the amphitheatre and includes all the monuments, streets and corners of Tarragona’s old city. Route: Portal del Roser, walls, model of Tarraco, Praetorium Tower, circus and amphitheatre Duration: 2h 30’ (morning)+1h 30’ (afternoon). We will meet in the morning in front … Read More

TARRACO, the strength of an Empire

The Roman legions and the Roman administration conquered and ruled an Empire. In this tour we are going tu guide you through the Roman conquest, its army, its buildings and the administration, just to understand how Rome organized its Empire from Tarraco. Route: Portal del Roser, model of Tarraco, walls, Provincial Forum, Praetor’s Tower and circus. Duration: 2h 30’ This … Read More

TARRACO and the games of Rome

Our historic guide on Roman public entertainment. Chariots races, gladiators games and venators fightings wild animals were popular viewing among Romans.  We will guide you through these scenarios and much more inside the circus and the amphitheatre of Tarragona 

TARRACO, life in a Roman city

In this tour we will guide you through the details of  life in a Roman city, from birth to grave, we will explain you  its traditions,  feast days, its daily life and religion.

TARRACO, Rome’s gate

We will explain you the history of  Tarraco by visiting its monuments. From the ancient wall, the amphitheatre, including the tower of the  Praetorium  and the circus’ vaults.


Una ruta per seguir la petjada dels primers cristians de la ciutat. Veurem com poc a poc l’Imperi es va anar cristianitzant i coneixerem d’aprop els escenaris de la vida de la comunitat cristiana a partir del segle III, així com la història dels primers màrtirs de la península ibèrica.