A tour to get to know the modernista heritage of the capital of the Baix Camp. Reus became an important industrial centre in the XIX century and the place where some families made their fortune with the production and commerce of spirits and liquors, amongst which was vermouth. At the beginning of the XX century, to show off  individual wealth,  great private … Read More

ALTAFULLA. the Vila Closa

We will guide you through this beautiful old town located on the banks of the river Gaià, starting from its enchanting old quarter and ending at the old houses by the beach.

TORTOSA and the DELTA of the EBRO

A proposal for an escape to the Tierras del Ebro. In the south of Catalonia we meet Tortosa, a once powerful city,  whose mighty power is represented by the castle of Suda; it also houses a Jewish quarter, the so called barrio de Remolins, and  royal colleges and the renaissance interpretation centre, the most important monumental complex which has survived in Catalonia from this time.  After visiting … Read More


A complete visit to medieval Montblanc, with its spectacular defense walls, its ancient nucleus, the churches  of Saint Francis, Saint Michael and Sant Mary the Mayor and the palaces of the aristocracy.


At the beginning of the twentieth century the bourgeoisie of Tarragona also got seduced by the new architectural style known as Catalan Modernisme.


The monasteries of Santes Creus, Santa María of Poblet and Santa María of Vallbona de les Monges are part of this Cistercian route.


From the Gothic quarter, to Montjuïc, the work of Gaudí and avant garde architecture, there are thousand of things to discover within this city. We create bespoke routes  and take you on a journey of discovery!

Casa Canals and Casa Castellarnau

The nobles always lived in a palace.  The small nobility of Tarragona have left us with some interesting examples of their lifestyle which can be viewed during our visit at Casa Canals and Casa Castellarnau.

Tarragona 1800. Bayonets and cannons!

On the 28th of June 1811 the Napoleonic troops, following weeks of siege, take hold of the city of Tarragona. Three days of  looting and pillage put to an end the resistance of the city against the invading forces.  We will guide you through the scenes of the battle and explain you the final days of Tarragona under the French … Read More

The cathedral of Tarragona, full visit

Come with us for a complete tour of the cathedral including the bell tower, the highest point in Tarragona, and the ruins of the Temenos (the internal wall from the Roman temple complex) hidden behind the cloister. Duration: 2h.